This high end Giant Giclee will create a stunning focal point
and allow the rest of your room to shine.

One large bold piece of art is all you need to instantly give
your home a stylish upgrade.

You can finally own prints larger than all current standard offers combined.

All Giant Art prints are made from highest quality eco-friendly materials
for crisp, well defined, luxurious reproduction.

We strive on helping art lovers and Artists get what they deserve.

Artists benefit from every purchase made on Giant Art.


SKU: GWA22770
  • Shirley Novak

    Shirley Novak is wild about poppies. She loves to paint them, to grow them and to share them with her fellow gardeners. Her childhood passions were growing, drawing and painting flowers, which she continues to do at her Colorado studio. Shirley paints in oils using a wet-on-wet technique. She paints en plein air whenever possible, either in her garden or on location when she travels. Feel her passion and the nature itself bring a calming yet refreshing look to your décor, with a giant reproduction of her artwork.

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