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Full Circle II grey

  • Chris Paschke

    Chris Paschke was born in 1951 to a working class family in Chicago, IL. Her fascination with calligraphy and pen written letterforms has been a lifelong study. Her current approach to the art form is very interpretive, with her use of resist, washes, text, quotations, layers of written forms, and occasional accents of gold leaf. She studies each summer with Shozo Sato, a Japanese master of sumi painting and calligraphy. Her studies with Shozo and frequent trips to China have brought a Zen minimalism to her line art, of ten referred to as Asian abstract expressionism.'I have spent my entire life drawing, sketching, painting, lettering, and framing. I've trained to make paper, grind ink, build brushes, cut quills, and frame the finished art. I have created logos, designed certificates, and painted 4' x 8' original abstract series for corporate collections, but my heart lies with brush in hand, the essence of Zen thought in mind, and the depth of my imagination to put it all together.' Paschke has exhibited all over the world and her work can be found in several private and public collections.