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Fashion Temple

  • Daniel Stanford

    Sourcing his inspiration from travel, spirituality and the radiant beauty found in nature, Daniel Stanford, a Montreal-based eclectic artist, is committed to creating art that stirs the soul. Renowned for his masterful use of mixed media, Stanford’s expertise lies in combining photography and natural elements such as wood, gold, pigments, wax and precious metals. The result is a multidimensional experience that provides a complex, thought - and emotion - provoking journey for the admirer. Throughout his career, Stanford has collaborated with lauded photographers such as Max Abadian and Raphael Mazzucoo. FASCINASIA, an ongoing and consistently evolving collection driven by the artist’s extensive travels throughout Southeast Asia, is critically acclaimed throughout the art communities in Montreal, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Tapping into mysticism, enlightenment and perspective, Stanford thrives on using his work to reflect and recontextualise inner and and outer beauty.