This high end Giant Giclee will create a stunning focal point
and allow the rest of your room to shine.

One large bold piece of art is all you need to instantly give
your home a stylish upgrade.

You can finally own prints larger than all current standard offers combined.

All Giant Art prints are made from highest quality eco-friendly materials
for crisp, well defined, luxurious reproduction.

We strive on helping art lovers and Artists get what they deserve.

Artists benefit from every purchase made on Giant Art.


SKU: GA0282
  • Ivo Sneeuw

    "When I saw some photos of an abandoned building and its decay I fell in love and had to try that for myself. After my first try in a gigantic Sanatorium in Germany I was hooked. It’s a real adventure to find and try to enter these often dangerous places. These places evoke a special feeling and the history and its decay can tell exciting or sad stories. In the pictures I try to visualize that story and feeling."

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